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NottsTKD is part of the TAGB which is the largest and most successful martial arts organisation in the UK with over 20,000 members, see www.tagb.biz for more information. Notts TKD includes clubs in Alfreton, Sandiacre and West Bridgford.

At the TAGB, we practice the original style of Taekwondo as described by Choi Hong Hi who founded the art. There are many other organisations that teach corruptions of this original text.

All TAGB instructors have to go through a number of checks before they can run a school, these include:

  • Regular DBS (formerly CRB) check
  • Regular first aid training
  • Registration with the BTC (British Taekwondo Council)
  • Two stage assessment by the TAGB (written and practical exams)
  • Indemnity and liability insurance checks

Smaller organisations tend to be more relaxed about these important points so always ask when considering a martial arts club.

James Seaman TKD Taekwondo Kicking


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